Research study reveals that the Ayurvedic food choice haritaki has a possibility for HIV

Research study reveals that the Ayurvedic food choice haritaki has a possibility for HIVWe know effectively that HIV is the short form of the bacteria that leads people to be immunodeficient. If it is not identified and dealt with then it will lead to the development of AIDS. This can then cause an increased possibility of infections, and disease. The probability of condition such as cancer is enhanced significantly when HIV is present in the body. Certainly a solution such as Haritaki would be crucial for the treatment of HIV.


No efficient treatment for HIV currently exists, however with appropriate treatment and medical care, HIV can be managed. Haritaki has been discovered to minimize infection in test animals in research studies. The medicine used to treat HIV is called ART. If taken properly, every day, this medication can dramatically prolong the lives of many people with HIV, keep them healthy, and considerably lower their chance of transferring the virus to others. Today, a person who is identified with HIV, dealt with before the illness is far advanced, and stays on treatment can live a nearly as long as somebody who does not have HIV.


The only method to understand for sure if you have HIV is to obtain checked. Testing is fairly easy. You can ask your health care company for an HIV test. Lots of medical centers, drug abuse programs, community university hospital, and healthcare facilities offer them too. You can also purchase a home testing kit at a drug store or online. In the meantime, we advise taking Haritaki as one of the ways that may help the concern. Obviously this is not a medically checked advise about Haritaki, however simply based on the results with animals. The link is here: 


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