Book reviews of books on Haritaki the Yogic Super Brain Food

Book reviews of books on Haritaki the Yogic Super Brain FoodThis book, composed by the German author Udo Stanglmeier is an extremely detailed and well looked into understanding into the history of making use of Haritaki through the Buddhist lineage, especially the connection between the Medication Buddha and Haritaki His product likewise looks at the ancient paperwork about Haritaki in India, China and South East Asia. He reveals the interlinking of the misconceptions and teachings from tradition to tradition, and determines the underlying styles that exist through all.


Stanglmeier begins the book with the myths relating to the Amrita or Nectar of the gods that are found in Vedic literature from the Hindu tradition, and similar stories from Buddhism.


The book then enters into great depth about the Buddhist usage of Haritaki and its mythological properties. He points out that in Tibet Haritaki was used in almost all medicines as one of the parts. Because of the remoteness and lack of trees in Tibet the usual ways herbal medications were made and administered was in large pill form. Haritaki is not typical in Tibet therefore the Haritaki powder would be transported from India into Tibet for usage in the pills.


Stanglmeier discusses in the book the significance Haritaki in the modern context. He mentions that more scientists are finding that there is a deeper significance to making use of a lot of the traditional herbs. He explains that the ancient seers noticed many more benefits than the contemporary scientific strategy exposes.


The Caraka Samhita, Ayurvedic ancient text and Haritaki.


Among the Best books on Haritaki, this ancient text, which it is thought was created 800 years before Christ, is among the core Ayurveda texts.It has 12 chapters that deal with the preparation of medicines for recovery.


• Good for the senses and enhances the intellect


• Indigestion.


• constipation.


• swelling of the liver and spleen.


• coughs.


• hiccups.


• anemia.


• jaundice.


• asthma.


• illness of the urinary tract.


The authorsays about Haritaki “There are two type of medication, one which strengthens and one which combats illness. Among the types that strenthen, Haritaki takes pre-eminence.


This book has immense knowledge, not just about Haritaki, however about the nature of healing and the causes of illness. For a book that was first developed so long ago it is remarkable. The link to the video is here: Video on Book Reviews of Haritaki books


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