Yoga, enlightenment is supported by taking the Indian herb Haritaki, with huge benefits.

Yoga, enlightenment is supported by taking the Indian herb Haritaki, with huge benefits.Yoga benefits of Haritaki


Yoga has some popular benefits to the West.


o Increasing versatility of the physique


o Lowering aging procedure


o Enhancing awareness


o Reaching higher consciousness


The Indian herb, Haritaki, is deeply embedded into the yoga tradition throughout India, Nepal and Tibet.


For countless years yogis have been taking Haritaki daily to assist their yogic course. It is so popular in numerous circles as necessary to the yogic course. In diving into the history of yoga, and yogic practices we discover that Haritaki is thought about the “King of Herbs”.


The yogi has a variety of practices for reaching the ultimate awareness, also referred to as moksha, Samadhi, or Nirvana.


When we look closely at the cleansing practices, we see that they are all created to produce a clear and clean intestinal circulation; from the mouth, through the stomach and into the intestines. Why this focus on the internal tidiness? It turns out that Yogis learnt about the effects of blocked and unhealthy internal systems long before modern-day medicine found it.


Just now are scientists finding what some are calling the “Second brain.” The significance of these internal organs is becoming more noticeable. The second brain when operating well allows the flow of nutrients, and oxygen flow, through the entire body.


In the Hatha yoga practice we twist and turn all the organs in the lower abdomen, releasing stagnant energy and developing a flow of strength and flexibility into that region. In fact, there is well documented evidence of yoga helping irritable bowel syndrome, (IBS).


The cleanliness is undoubtedly jeopardized if the internal organs are clogged and there is irregularity. Absorbed food can continue to be decaying in the internal organs for days. This is where the significance of Haritaki comes in. Haritaki is a cleanser. On the skin it lowers skin ailments. In the mouth it recovers sores and ulcers. In the intestinal tract system it keeps the entire system clear and working to high capacity.


Eventually the greatest positive aspect of Haritaki to the yogi is the effect on higher consciousness. In the yogic system the whole function of yoga is unity, liberation, moksha, enlightenment, oneness, fulfillment. Yogic abbeys in India have been taking everyday Haritaki as a spiritual practice for several thousand years. It is now well acknowledged that it aids in the expression of extremely powers such as third eye reading. It aids in the advancement of the brain and particularly the third eye awakening. The most modern-day expression of these yogic powers is occurring in Bangalore India, where there are over 1,000 children who use Haritaki who are demonstrating yogic powers such as third eye reading.


When taking Haritaki for yogic powers the recommended total up to be taken is 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon every evening before bed. This permits the Haritaki to work through the whole digestion system, which is then cleaned with the very first bowel movement in the morning.


There are a variety of types of Haritaki readily available for consumption. We recommend organic or wildcrafted Haritaki. For yogis who understand the significance of cosmic blessings, shouting, puja and vedic routine, Haritaki Plus– Yogic Super Brain Food offers a crucial distinction. This Haritaki It is blessed daily to awaken greater awareness in the users, through Yogic and Vedic rituals and chanting.


If you are a genuine yogi, wanting to take your consciousness to complete expression we advise you take Haritaki Plus-Yogic Super Brain Food, daily.


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