Book reviews of books on Haritaki the Yogic Super Brain Food

Book reviews of books on Haritaki the Yogic Super Brain FoodThis book, composed by the German author Udo Stanglmeier is an extremely detailed and well looked into understanding into the history of making use of Haritaki through the Buddhist lineage, especially the connection between the Medication Buddha and Haritaki His product likewise looks at the ancient paperwork about Haritaki in India, China and South East Asia. He reveals the interlinking of the misconceptions and teachings from tradition to tradition, and determines the underlying styles that exist through all.


Stanglmeier begins the book with the myths relating to the Amrita or Nectar of the gods that are found in Vedic literature from the Hindu tradition, and similar stories from Buddhism.


The book then enters into great depth about the Buddhist usage of Haritaki and its mythological properties. He points out that in Tibet Haritaki was used in almost all medicines as one of the parts. Because of the remoteness and lack of trees in Tibet the usual ways herbal medications were made and administered was in large pill form. Haritaki is not typical in Tibet therefore the Haritaki powder would be transported from India into Tibet for usage in the pills.


Stanglmeier discusses in the book the significance Haritaki in the modern context. He mentions that more scientists are finding that there is a deeper significance to making use of a lot of the traditional herbs. He explains that the ancient seers noticed many more benefits than the contemporary scientific strategy exposes.


The Caraka Samhita, Ayurvedic ancient text and Haritaki.


Among the Best books on Haritaki, this ancient text, which it is thought was created 800 years before Christ, is among the core Ayurveda texts.It has 12 chapters that deal with the preparation of medicines for recovery.


• Good for the senses and enhances the intellect


• Indigestion.


• constipation.


• swelling of the liver and spleen.


• coughs.


• hiccups.


• anemia.


• jaundice.


• asthma.


• illness of the urinary tract.


The authorsays about Haritaki “There are two type of medication, one which strengthens and one which combats illness. Among the types that strenthen, Haritaki takes pre-eminence.


This book has immense knowledge, not just about Haritaki, however about the nature of healing and the causes of illness. For a book that was first developed so long ago it is remarkable. The link to the video is here: Video on Book Reviews of Haritaki books


new Video about the benefits to Yoga of Haritaki Plus Yogic Super Brain Food

new Video about the benefits to Yoga of Haritaki Plus Yogic Super Brain FoodFor numerous years yogis have really been taking Haritaki daily to aid their yogic path. It is so popular in great deals of circles as vital and totally essential to the yogic path. In delving into the history of yoga, and yogic practices we find that Haritaki is considered by numerous monastic orders in India to be the “King of Herbs”. These monastic orders consist of the ancient temple and abbey in South India, and the oldest Hindu spiritual group on the planet, the Akhada that runs the Kumbhu Mela in India.


The Indian herb, Haritaki, is deeply ingrained into the yoga custom stretching all the way through India, Tibet and Nepal


The yogi has a number of practices for reaching the supreme awareness, likewise described as Samadhi, Nirvana or moksha. These require excellent clarity of the brain along with great clearness in the body.


In order to achieve this higher clarity, it is essential to work on the mind, which is done through meditation. We deal with the body through two different techniques. One, we do deep breathing and yoga to keep the body tissue from building up deposit that produces tightness and bondage. Secondly we clear out of the body by cleaning the body. The yogic practices to clean the inner organs center around using Haritaki. Haritaki is taken as a powder or in capsule type. It is taken right before bed and after food to clean the whole system. It can be taken with drinking water, or milk. My favored technique of ingesting is as a pill or if in powder, with yoghurt. This disguises the taste for me.


Haritaki has the impact of cleansing the intestinal system. It does this in two ways.


Firstly, it is an anti-bacterial, so it will get rid of all virus that is not good for you. Second of all it eliminates the intestinal system so that there is no toxins left. This means that the nutrients that exist in the food can be absorbed quickly.


One extremely important quality of Haritiki to the yoga student is the quantity of oxygen that is soaked up. Yoga poses bring blood flow to the muscular tissues and in that blood is oxygen. It has been theorized that Haritaki brings a huge boost in the amount of oxygen streaming to the muscles, especially the brain.


Here is the link to the video and Haritaki benefits yoga


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Yoga, enlightenment is supported by taking the Indian herb Haritaki, with huge benefits.

Yoga, enlightenment is supported by taking the Indian herb Haritaki, with huge benefits.Yoga benefits of Haritaki


Yoga has some popular benefits to the West.


o Increasing versatility of the physique


o Lowering aging procedure


o Enhancing awareness


o Reaching higher consciousness


The Indian herb, Haritaki, is deeply embedded into the yoga tradition throughout India, Nepal and Tibet.


For countless years yogis have been taking Haritaki daily to assist their yogic course. It is so popular in numerous circles as necessary to the yogic course. In diving into the history of yoga, and yogic practices we discover that Haritaki is thought about the “King of Herbs”.


The yogi has a variety of practices for reaching the ultimate awareness, also referred to as moksha, Samadhi, or Nirvana.


When we look closely at the cleansing practices, we see that they are all created to produce a clear and clean intestinal circulation; from the mouth, through the stomach and into the intestines. Why this focus on the internal tidiness? It turns out that Yogis learnt about the effects of blocked and unhealthy internal systems long before modern-day medicine found it.


Just now are scientists finding what some are calling the “Second brain.” The significance of these internal organs is becoming more noticeable. The second brain when operating well allows the flow of nutrients, and oxygen flow, through the entire body.


In the Hatha yoga practice we twist and turn all the organs in the lower abdomen, releasing stagnant energy and developing a flow of strength and flexibility into that region. In fact, there is well documented evidence of yoga helping irritable bowel syndrome, (IBS).


The cleanliness is undoubtedly jeopardized if the internal organs are clogged and there is irregularity. Absorbed food can continue to be decaying in the internal organs for days. This is where the significance of Haritaki comes in. Haritaki is a cleanser. On the skin it lowers skin ailments. In the mouth it recovers sores and ulcers. In the intestinal tract system it keeps the entire system clear and working to high capacity.


Eventually the greatest positive aspect of Haritaki to the yogi is the effect on higher consciousness. In the yogic system the whole function of yoga is unity, liberation, moksha, enlightenment, oneness, fulfillment. Yogic abbeys in India have been taking everyday Haritaki as a spiritual practice for several thousand years. It is now well acknowledged that it aids in the expression of extremely powers such as third eye reading. It aids in the advancement of the brain and particularly the third eye awakening. The most modern-day expression of these yogic powers is occurring in Bangalore India, where there are over 1,000 children who use Haritaki who are demonstrating yogic powers such as third eye reading.


When taking Haritaki for yogic powers the recommended total up to be taken is 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon every evening before bed. This permits the Haritaki to work through the whole digestion system, which is then cleaned with the very first bowel movement in the morning.


There are a variety of types of Haritaki readily available for consumption. We recommend organic or wildcrafted Haritaki. For yogis who understand the significance of cosmic blessings, shouting, puja and vedic routine, Haritaki Plus– Yogic Super Brain Food offers a crucial distinction. This Haritaki It is blessed daily to awaken greater awareness in the users, through Yogic and Vedic rituals and chanting.


If you are a genuine yogi, wanting to take your consciousness to complete expression we advise you take Haritaki Plus-Yogic Super Brain Food, daily.

Positive aspects of the herb Haritaki for Enlightenment

Positive aspects of the herb Haritaki for EnlightenmentAdvantages of the herb Haritaki for creating spiritual Enlightenment are described on this post here. Research suggests that for thousands of years yogis, monks and spiritual seekers in India, Nepal and Tibet have actually been taking Haritaki to help them reach greater awareness and enlightenment. The benefits are well documented in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.


Haritaki benefits here






Haritaki Plus has huge conveniences if you encounter irregularity

Haritaki Plus has huge conveniences if you encounter irregularityHaritaki Plus is exceptional for clearing constipation.


Haritaki is from the fruit of the tree Terminalia chebula, which grows through South East Asia, consisting of, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand It has been used for countless years as a cure for irregularity. Descriptions of its usage for that purpose are found in the Ayurvedic literature.


Being constipated ways your defecation are hard or happen less often than typical. Virtually everybody has it at some point in life, and it’s typically not serious. Still, you’ll feel far better when your system is back on track.


The typical length of time in between defecation differs extensively from person to person. Some individuals have bowel movements 3 times a day. Various other have them just one or two times a week.


What other options do I have?


Consuming more water each day can assist a lot. Numerous cases of irregularity that we have come across are caused by absence of water in the body. The lack of drinking water can be the result from different sources for example living in a dry climate, or transferring to a dry climate leads to more wetness being vaporized from the skin. Another reason for lack of water can be dehydration through throwing up or Diarrhea.


Yet another cause of dehydration can be enhancing workout without increasing the quantity of water being taken in.


If increased water usage does not assist, then there could be other causes. We suggest that you include into the diet some foods that help in lowering irregularity.


These are:


o Fruits and vegetables


o Prunes and reconstituted dried fruit


If adding fruits has no impact, then the next option is


o Laxatives suggested by the medical professional

More joy equals more everything!

More joy equals more everything!The Spirit that moves our physical body is not an unfortunate spirit. The Spirit that exposes itself after death is likewise not an unfortunate Spirit. Spirit’s expression is among radiant delight, unconditional love, and rapture. It is only our mental constructs that keep us from experiencing Its delight of life in every minute.


I have actually seen countless people unfortunate at the death of a loved one. I have actually also seen the pure delight of those who have actually tuned into the space of the departed individual.


For every single so called “bad” incident, I have actually seen individuals who breeze through the situation, radiating delight as they do so. Somehow they have actually fallen in tune with Spirit and are revealing Its essence.


Feeling, expressing and finding happiness are all entrances to opening to Spirit, increasingly more.


Most of us understand that happiness benefits us and that it is our fundamental nature. Why aren’t more individuals living happy lives?


Brain researchers point out that parts of our brain are wired to protect us. These parts discover issue around every corner of life. As the brain feeds these parts, we detach from Spirit and instead become embroiled in the manifestations of concern: worry, worry, sadness. Researchers show that this protective pattern is really strong and is only rewired through conscious action.


To believe happy ideas should do it then, right? Wrong!


Researchers show that just thinking one happy idea is like pressing a large stone uphill. As soon as the thought ends the stone (issue, fear, etc) comes rolling back on top of us and we feel squashed.


The option is what sages have been saying for millennia: cultivate a mindful area of delight, grace, gratitude and love, through everyday action. More at this web site